The Cessna model 510 ‘Citation Mustang’ is a very light jet (VLJ) developed and built by Cessna Aircraft Company in the United States.

Introduced in 2002, the Citation Mustang first flew on the 23rd of April 2005, with deliveries commencing on the 2nd of November 2005. Since then, the Citation Mustang has seen just short of 480 deliveries globally before production of the aircraft ended in 2017.

The Citation Mustang’s 1,050 nautical mile range and short field performance capabilities make it perfect for city-hopping flights of two hours or less. It is also very popular as an air taxi aircraft, used for connecting larger international airports with local airfields, allowing passengers to reach even closer to home.


Cabin Height

1.37 m4 ft 6 in

Cabin Width

1.4 m4 ft 7 in

Cabin Length

2.97 m9 ft 9 in

Luggage Capacity

1.78 m³63 ft³

Service Ceiling

12,497 m41,000 ft

Maximum Range

2,487 km1,343 nm

Typical Capacity

4 passengers

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