The Cessna 525C CitationJet 4 (CJ4) is a light jet developed and built by Cessna Aircraft Company in the USA and first flew in May 2008.

The largest model in the Cessna 525 CitationJet family, the model 525C CJ4 has had many design modifications, differentiating it from the similarities held by other family members. The CJ4 features a longer cabin, greater range and cruise speed as well as a redesigned fuselage, tail and wing structure.

Unlike previous CitationJet models, the 525C CJ4 features a sweeping wing design, adopted from the larger Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign. It also has a cabin 20 inches (0.5m) longer than the CJ3. Uprated turbofan engines allow the CJ4 to cruise 65km/h faster and up to 230km further than the CJ3+.

To date, more than 300 CJ4 airframes have been delivered around the world.


Cabin Height

1.45m4ft 9in

Cabin Width

1.47m4ft 10in

Cabin Length

5.28m17ft 4in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

8 passengers

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