The Bombardier Learjet 60 is a renowned mid-sized business jet that has gained popularity for its impressive performance, luxurious cabin, and reliability. Developed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace, the Learjet 60 has been a preferred choice for corporate travellers and private jet owners since its introduction in the late 1990s.

The Learjet 60 boasts a sleek and aerodynamically efficient design, allowing it to achieve impressive speed and range capabilities. It features a swept-wing configuration and a T-tail design, contributing to its exceptional stability and handling characteristics. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A engines, each producing approximately 4,600 pounds of thrust, the Learjet 60 can swiftly climb to its cruising altitude and reach a maximum speed of Mach 0.81 (approximately 525 knots or 604 miles per hour). Its range exceeds 2,400 nautical miles, enabling non-stop flights between popular business destinations.

One of the standout features of the Learjet 60 is its spacious and luxurious cabin. With a length of approximately 17 feet, the cabin comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers. The interior can be customised to suit individual preferences, offering various seating configurations and premium materials. Passengers can relax in comfortable leather seats, which can often be fully reclined for added comfort during long flights. The cabin also features ample headroom and a well-designed layout, creating a comfortable and productive environment for passengers.

The Learjet 60 incorporates advanced avionics and technology systems, providing pilots with enhanced situational awareness and operational efficiency. The flight deck is equipped with a Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite, which includes digital displays, integrated navigation systems, weather radar, and a terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS). These features assist pilots in navigating through various weather conditions and ensure the highest levels of safety during flight operations.

The Learjet 60 is known for its exceptional safety record and reliability. It is designed and built to meet rigorous aviation standards, adhering to strict safety regulations. The aircraft features robust systems and redundancies to enhance safety and mitigate risks. Additionally, Bombardier provides comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the aircraft remains in optimal condition and performs reliably.

Over the years, the Learjet 60 has earned a solid reputation in the business aviation industry. Its combination of performance, comfort, and reliability has made it a popular choice among corporate flight departments, fractional ownership programs, and private individuals. The Learjet 60 has successfully served as a versatile business jet, facilitating efficient and comfortable travel for executives, entrepreneurs, and high-profile individuals around the world.

In conclusion, the Bombardier Learjet 60 stands as a testament to Bombardier Aerospace’s commitment to excellence in business aviation. Its sleek design, impressive performance, luxurious cabin, and strong safety record have made it a highly sought-after aircraft in the mid-sized business jet segment.


Cabin Height

1.74 m5 ft 8 in

Cabin Width

1.81 m5 ft 11 in

Cabin Length

5.39 m17 ft 8 in

Baggage Capacity

1.65 m³58 ft³

Service Ceiling

15,545 m51,000 ft

Maximum Range

4,445 km2,400 nm

Typical Capacity

7 passengers

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