Praslin Island is Seychelles’ second largest and most visited granite island in the archipelago. Its pristine white sandy beaches are surrounded by warm turquoise waters and incredible coral reef formations, which create the most astonishing snorkelling experience amidst a host of thriving marine life. Complemented by a backdrop of lush green foliage and its long ridge of mountains, Praslin Island is home to an assortment of rare birds and exotic wildlife, making it the perfect place for many a type of explorers.

Where to stay: 

Set on the shores of Petite Anse Kerlan on the northwest coast of the Island is the Constance Lemuria Resort. This five-star luxury beachfront resort is fringed by tropical flora and fauna and sublime beaches. Scattered throughout the resort are 105 spacious suites and villas, each built with traditional thatched roofs and exquisite interiors crafted from natural materials including wood, marble, limestone, and pink granite. It has four restaurants, five bars, an outdoor spa facility, and an elegant three-floor swimming pool, which looks like it was crafted by nature. It is also home to the only 18-hole golf course in Seychelles.

Surrounded by a crystal blue ocean and nestled among palm trees, the award-winning Le Chateau de Feuilles is a luxury boutique hotel and spa. With just nine rooms and suites, each offering spectacular panoramic views, this prestigious hotel is as exclusive as they come. It boasts a restaurant that serves an array of fresh homemade seafood and meat dishes using vegetables from its own organic garden. It also has an organic swimming pool and a helipad for those wishing to arrive in ultimate style. It also has it’s very own private island, Grande Soeur.

If you are looking for seclusion, tranquillity, and surreal natural beauty coupled with refined elegance, personalised service, and Creole flair, then Hotel L’Archipel is the place for you. One of the Island’s finest hotels, it offers the ultimate in luxury with an assortment of rooms and suites, amazing restaurants, a pool and spa, all nestled amongst its tropical garden and overlooking its private beach.

What to do:

NATURE: For nature and wildlife lovers, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is the perfect place to explore, find and learn about the unique Praslin endemic species like the Black Parrot, as you walk among the densest coco de mer forest.

Alternatively, head to the stunning Anse Lazio for a sensory overload and incredible sunsets. If you are looking for the perfect location to relax and reconnect, this is it – it’s easy to see why it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

CULTURE: For a truly Creole experience, visit the renowned Pirogue Restaurant & Bar, where you can enjoy a memorable meal comprising a wide range of authentic and traditional Seychellois Creole foods.

ADVENTURE: Curieuse Island is the beautiful home of wild Giant Tortoises and is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for adventure in Praslin. From 1883 until the mid-20th century, the Island was home to a colony of lepers although today only a few old ruins and the doctor’s house, which houses a small museum, remain. Curieuse offers unspoiled wilderness and popular photo opportunities with its granite rock beaches, Coco de Mer palm trees, unspoiled mangrove forests, and of course the quaint, freely-roaming giant tortoises.


Getting there: 

Charter a jet and fly into Seychelles International Airport (SEZ/FSIA). From here, it is possible to transfer to Praslin via a scheduled flight or by private helicopter transfer.

Approximate flight times:

Dubai ✈ Seychelles4 hours 30 minutes
London ✈ Seychelles10 hours
New York ✈ Seychelles16 hours
Paris ✈ Seychelles9 hours 30 minutes
Singapore ✈ Seychelles7 hours
Zurich ✈ Seychelles8 hours 45 minutes

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