Carnival is one of the greatest times of the year in Brazillian culture. Recognised as “The Greatest Show on Earth”, the Rio Carnival starts on Friday 12th February.

At the heart of the Carnival is the Samba, which is the perfect illustration of the Afro-European blend that defines Brazil’s culture.

It is only during the Carnival where every inch of Brazil, and Rio in particular, screams “Party!”, including a number of glamorous parties, such as the Magic Ball in Copacabana Palace Hotel. The partying starts a day before the formal launch of the Carnival until a day after the festivity formally ends.

Experience some of the most-sought after best street parties, organised by Simpatia é Quase or street groups called ‘blocos’. During the Carnival, you can expect at least 300 of these best street parties mushrooming all over Rio. Avenida Rio Branco – it’s virtually impossible to turn a corner without bumping into one, where you find a large crowd milling and dancing to the tune of samba. Owing to the Carnival’s reputation as throwing the best street parties, the crowd seems to get bigger and bigger each year.

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