Chartering a private jet offers the ultimate convenience and comfort and has many advantages over scheduled flights.

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, a private jet charter is an ideal solution to avoiding the stresses associated with airports and inconvenient flight times.

Time Savings

Perhaps the most significant benefit when chartering a private jet is the time you save compared to a scheduled flight.

When chartering a private jet, in most cases, there is no need to arrive at the airport any more than 15 minutes before departure, and usually, there is parking available directly at the private terminal.

With no check-in or security queues to navigate, boarding is usually completed in minutes affording you the ability to be airborne and on your way soon after.

On arrival at your destination, luggage is immediately available, so there are no frustrating waits at baggage carousels.
Thereafter, ground transportation can be ready and waiting to take you on your way, removing the need to queue for taxis or rely on transport timetables.

Private FlightScheduled Flight
Pre-Flight (arrival at the airport, parking, check-in, security clearance, waiting in the departure lounge, and boarding time)15 minutes180 minutes
Flight Time120 minutes120 minutes
Post-Flight (deplaning, baggage reclaim, and waiting for ground transportation)5 minutes80 minutes
Total Travel Time140 minutes380 minutes
Example time savings (in minutes) when comparing flying by private jet and flying via scheduled flight


When planning your private jet trip, you are in complete control of your itinerary. Everything is fully customisable, whether your trip requires multiple stops, specific departure times, or special in-flight dining requests.

Additionally, with over 5,000 aircraft, you can choose the aircraft that best fits your plans and suits the people you are travelling with.


Flying by private jet allows you to access more airports than scheduled flight options would. On average, for every airport accessible by scheduled flights, there are around three airports accessible by private jet. A lot of the time, these airports are situated closer to city centres than larger international airports.

Not only does this provide greater flexibility, but it also affords you the convenience of arriving even closer to your final destination, cutting time off your ground travel so that you can get to where you need to be quicker.


You are chartering the entire aircraft when you charter a private jet with Sentient Signature, which means you control who you fly with, and only those you invite will be onboard, whether that is family, a group of friends, business colleagues, or just you flying solo.

Private jets also have access to private terminals specifically built to handle private jet travellers. These are usually separate from the main airport terminal and offer unmatched privacy and confidentiality.

Whether you require guidance on the most suitable aircraft for your route and number of passengers, assistance with planning your trip itinerary and logistics, or arranging the finer details to form your signature journey, we offer a comprehensive range of air charter and concierge services tailor-made to your requirements, leaving you to rest assured that you are in the hands of a professional service provider.

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