The Bombardier Global 5000 is an ultra-long-range jet developed and manufactured by Bombardier.

Announced in 2001, the Global 5000 was the second aircraft to be developed in the Bombardier Global Express family. Developed with a shorter cabin and lower range than the Global Express, the Global 5000 was aimed at operators requiring the trusted reliability and performance of its predecessor but not the extreme range capabilities.

With a maximum range of 9,630km (5,200nm), the intercontinental Bombardier Global 5000 makes all but the longest missions possible, capable of flying non-stop from continental Europe to central North America.


Cabin Height

1.88m6ft 2in

Cabin Width

2.41m7ft 11in

Cabin Length

12.42m40ft 9in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

14 passengers

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