The Cessna Citation Jet 1, also known as the Cessna CJ1, is a light business jet manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company. It belongs to the Citation Jet series, which is popular among private and corporate aircraft operators.

The CJ1 features a low-wing design with a T-tail and is powered by two Williams FJ44 turbofan engines. It offers good performance and efficiency, with a maximum cruising speed of approximately 389 knots (450 mph) and a range of around 1,270 nautical miles (1,460 miles).

Inside the cabin, the CJ1 typically accommodates five to six passengers, depending on the configuration. The cabin layout often includes a club seating arrangement with facing seats and a separate lavatory at the rear. Customization options for seating, finishes, and amenities are available.
The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics, featuring a glass cockpit with digital displays. It incorporates the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, offering enhanced situational awareness, navigation capabilities, and flight management tools. Additional avionics equipment includes weather radar and traffic collision avoidance systems.

Successor models to the CJ1 include the CJ1+ and CJ2, which offer improvements in performance, range, and avionics. The CJ1+ features upgraded engines and avionics, while the CJ2 has a larger cabin and increased range.

The CJ1 has gained popularity among owner-operators and corporate flight departments due to its versatility, performance, and relatively low operating costs compared to larger business jets. It strikes a balance between efficiency, comfort, and capability for shorter to medium-range flights.


Cabin Height

1.45 m4 ft 9 in

Cabin Width

1.47 m4 ft 10 in

Cabin Length

3.35 m11 ft

Baggage Capacity

1.67 m³59 ft³

Service Ceiling

12,497 m41,000 ft

Maximum Range

2,150 km1,161 nm

Typical Capacity

4 passengers

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