The Cessna 750 Citation X and Citation X+ are super midsize jets developed and manufactured by Cessna in the USA. First delivered in 1996, the Citation X assembly line operated for 22 years with the final airframe being delivered in 2018, with a total number manufactured of over 320.

Unlike earlier Citation models, the Citation X was not based on earlier designs. Instead, the model 750 was an entirely new design with the intention of taking over the previous Cessna 650 family. The primary design objective with the Citation X was a super midsize jet of unrivalled speed, something which is easily identifiable by the aircraft’s sleek airframe and highly swept wing designs. An aftermarket elliptical winglet was developed for the Citation X in 2008 to improve range, fuel burn, cruise speed and climb rate. The elliptical winglets were made standard on the modified Citation X+ model which first flew in 2012.

The Citation X is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE3007C turbofan engines, part of a family of engines which power larger aircraft such as the Embraer Legacy 600 and Embraer Regional Jet airliners. The Cessna Citation X’s power to weight ratio allows it to reach a transonic maximum speed of Mach 0.935 (1,155kmh/717mph), and has also meant that the aircraft has broken many speed records, as well as being faster than the Gulfstream G650 ultra-long-range jet.


Cabin Height

1.70m5ft 7in

Cabin Width

1.65m5ft 5in

Cabin Length

7.24m23ft 9in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

8 passengers

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