The Gulfstream G650 is an ultra-long-range jet designed and manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace in the United States. First flying in November 2009, the Gulfstream G650 entered service in December 2012.

Boasting an impressive maximum range of 12,964km (7,000nm), the G650 brings most intercontinental city pairs within reach without the requirement of a fuel stop. Following the success of the initial G650 program, Gulfstream developed the G650ER which boasts an extended range of some 926km (500nm).

Since its introduction to service, the G650 and G650ER have seen over 500 airframes manufactured and delivered to operators all over the world. The G650 is also used by many Government bodies for transporting heads of state and officials on international and intercontinental duties.


Cabin Height

1.91 m6 ft 3 in

Cabin Width

2.49 m8 ft 2 in

Cabin Length

14.27 m46 ft 10 in

Luggage Capacity

5.52 m³195 ft³

Maximum Range

13,890 km7,500 nm

Service Ceiling

15,545 m51,000 ft

Typical Capacity

13 passengers

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