The Piaggio P180 Avanti is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft developed and built by Piaggio Aerospace in Italy.

The Piaggio Avanti derived from the collaborative work of Piaggio’s Chief Engineer, Alessandro Mazzoni and Gates Learjet. The prototype Avanti aircraft first flew in 1986, with certification granted four years later in 1990.

In 2005 an improved model, the Avanti II, received certification. This model featured uprated turboprop powerplants, improved fuel economy and a new Rockwell Collins avionics suite.

To date, there have been over 230 Piaggio Avantis delivered globally, with primary operators including the Italian Air Force, Army and Navy.

The Piaggio Avanti is most well-known for its unique exterior design, which features a pusher propeller (rear-facing) configuration and forward canard wings. It also has an operational speed superior to all competing turboprop aircraft and one comparable to some light jet aircraft.


Cabin Height

1.75 m5 ft 9 in

Cabin Width

1.85 m6 ft 1 in

Cabin Length

4.55 m14ft 11in

Luggage Capacity

1.00 m³35 ft³

Service Ceiling

12,497 m41,000 ft

Maximum Range

3,278 km1,770 nm

Typical Capacity

6 passengers

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