The air charter requirements of the entertainment industry are often complex and demanding.

From multi-leg tour schedules, group travel, time-critical flights and last-minute schedule changes, we understand the challenges of entertainment industry travel and appreciate the pressures and importance behind ensuring that everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time.

Whether a world tour, annual music gala, last-minute gig, on-location filming or multi-stop promo trip, our dedicated team will work closely with you during the planning process and remain on hand from start to finish, 24/7.

For clients with long-term contracts, like tour operators and travel agents, we are able to offer a solution that covers seasonal series charter requirements.

Through our network of global operators, we can source the right aircraft and operate bespoke itineraries to accommodate extra capacity and high demand.

Our dedicated team are on hand to assist 24/7 to ensure that a reliable yet flexible solution is available for those looking for a long series of regular charters.

Time is becoming ever more precious, making chartering an aircraft both a practical and convenient way to travel.

Business is a fast-paced environment where time is of the essence, and plans can change very quickly. Our experience in working with the busiest and most demanding of schedules means that we can accommodate last-minute changes effectively and efficiently and with a focus on privacy, discretion and flexibility, our corporate air charter solutions ensure that you can still continue to work and conduct any meetings wherever you are – be it on land or in the air.

Whether you are looking for a helicopter for a multi-city business trip, a private jet with corporate facilities, or need a commercial airline to transport a group of personnel to a major industry conference, our dedicated team are available 24/7 so that you can always get to where you need to be.

When discretion, confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance, our VIP air charter solutions offer a special experience for those special passengers.

Whether you are looking for a VIP converted airliner with bedroom suites, shower rooms and spacious lounges for superior long-haul luxury or a long-range executive jet with conference facilities and spacious cabin zones to continue your business in the air, our dedicated team will source the perfect aircraft to provide you with the ultimate comfort in high-end luxury.

We understand that the experience is just as important as the destination, which is why special attention goes into every part of planning your itinerary. From exclusive ground transportation, access to private flight terminals, highly personalised in-flight food and drink menus and, of course, a first-class service on board, we will ensure that each passenger has an unforgettable and bespoke experience for all the right reasons.

Whether you are jetting off with your family to a private beach house in St Martin, heading for an activity-packed weekend on the piste in the Alps with friends, or about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with a loved one to explore the Inca Trails of Peru; we understand that it is not just about where you are going, it is about how you get there.

With a dedicated Account Manager on hand to assist 24/7, Sentient Signature offers itineraries tailored specifically to you and will ensure that all of your travel arrangements are taken care of prior to departure, during your flight and upon arrival at your chosen destination.

When it comes to luxury travel, we appreciate that all of our clients are individuals with their own styles and own expectations for the perfect private air charter. We offer bespoke catering and tailored just for you, provided in a private environment where you and your loved ones can sit back and relax.

We recognise that our discerning clients expect nothing less than the best, which is why when they choose Sentient Signature, they get more than just a flight; they get an experience.

Preparation, performance and results are key in the world of sports, which is why these core principles remain at the forefront of our sports air charter solutions.

Designed to meet the important and often complex demands and requirements of athletes, sports teams and their management, our solutions offer convenience, comfort and a fully customisable charter experience.

With hassle-free check-in and security, seamless transfers, the effective transportation of sports equipment, bespoke catering and in-flight entertainment – all you need to focus on is the event ahead.

Available 24/7, our dedicated team can also assist with last-minute transportation requests and unscheduled changes.

Fans and supporters need not miss an event either. Whether you are travelling to a seasonal fixture, an annual tournament or a global event, we can arrange dedicated flights that operate to your own schedule.

No matter your sport, we can help you reach your goal!

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