The Challenger 650 is a heavy jet manufactured by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. As the latest development of the Challenger 600 family of aircraft, the 650 is based on the original Challenger 600 developed by Canadair.

Retaining many design features from its predecessor, the Challenger 650 improves on the widest-in-class cabin design, takeoff performance and maximum range elements of the very popular 605.

With a typical configuration accommodating up to 12 passengers and a maximum range of 7,408km (4,000nm), the Challenger 650 brings the most popular city pairs within reach. The aircraft’s industry-leading dispatch reliability of over 99.9% delivers peace of mind for all business and leisure requirements.


Cabin Height

1.83 m6 ft

Cabin Width

2.41 m7 ft 11 in

Cabin Length

7.8 m25 ft 7 in

Baggage Capacity

3.17 m³112 ft³

Service Ceiling

12,497 m41,000 ft

Maximum Range*

7,408 km4,000 nm

Typical Capacity

10 passengers

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