The Cessna 700 Citation Longitude is a super-midsize jet developed and manufactured by Cessna (Textron Aviation).

The development of the Citation Longitude was originally announced in 2012 and the aircraft first flew in October 2016. Some three years later, in late 2019, the Citation Longitude was delivered to its first customer.

The Cessna Citation Longitude shares the same cabin width and flat-floor cabin as the smaller Citation Latitude. However, the Longitude features a longer cabin, higher passenger capacity, a greater transatlantic range as well as external differences including blended winglets and T-tail design.


Cabin Height

1.80m5ft 11in

Cabin Width

1.96m6ft 5in

Cabin Length

7.70m25ft 3in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

9 passengers

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