The Global 7500 is Bombardier’s flagship ultra-long-range jet and is the most recent development of the Global Express family of aircraft developed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.

With a cabin some 3.41m (11ft) longer than Bombardier’s previous flagship, the Global 6000, the 7500 shares only a few commonalities with its predecessors.

The Bombardier Global 7500 features and all-new wing design and incorporates a fly-by-wire flight control system. Thinner structural frames allow for an increase in cabin width and height over earlier models, and the cabin windows of the 7500 are some 80% larger than Bombardier’s previous models.

Cabin enhancements are endless on the Global 7500. New features include a L’Opera sound system, Soleil lighting system and Bombardier’s new ergonomic Nuage passenger seat design.

Powered by General Electric Passport 20 high bypass turbofan engines, the Bombardier Global 7500 boasts an industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range and a top speed of Mach 0.925. Combined with unrivalled short-field performance, the Global 7500 is incredibly versatile and suitable for almost any mission.


Cabin Height

1.88m6ft 2in

Cabin Width

2.44m8ft 0in

Cabin Length

16.59m54ft 5in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

16 passengers

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