The Bombardier Global Express is an ultra-long-range jet developed and manufactured by Bombardier.

Following the success of the smaller Bombardier Challenger 600 series, Bombardier developed the Global Express as their entry to the ultra-long-range private jet market. First flying in 1996, the Global Express entered service three years later and has since gone on to form the foundational design for the newer Global 5000, 6000 and XRS ultra-long-range jets.

The Global Express carries over the same cross-sectional fuselage dimensions as the Challenger 600 series, however the fuselage is stretched significantly which allows the cabin to be partitioned. The Global Express incorporates an all-new wing and tail design, and is powered by BMW Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines.

The Bombardier Global Express has a service ceiling of 15,545m (51,000ft) and a maximum range of 12,400km (6,695nm) allowing it to make non-stop intercontinental flights such as New York to Tokyo.


Cabin Height

1.90m6ft 3in

Cabin Width

1.27m8ft 2in

Cabin Length

14.73m48ft 4in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

14 passengers

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