The Cessna 560 Citation Excel family is a series of midsize jets designed and manufactured by Cessna in the USA. Since its inaugural flight in 1996, the Citation Excel family has seen close to 1,000 deliveries worldwide through three model variations.

Following the success of both the Cessna 650 Citation VII and Cessna 750 Citation X, Cessna set out to fill a gap in the private jet market by combining the features of both predecessors. The Citation Excel combines the unswept wing design of previous Citation models with the Citation X’s stand-up cabin making the Citation Excel’s cabin one of the most spacious in the midsize category.

In 2004, deliveries began of the upgraded Citation XLS model. The new model featured a glass cockpit with updated avionics and uprated Pratt and Whitney PW545B turbofan engines. A total of over 300 Citation XLS aircraft were manufactured and delivered before the focus shifted to the further upgraded XLS+ variant.

Deliveries of the Citation XLS+ began in 2008. Improved Pratt and Whitney PW545C turbofan engines and a redesigned nose section were among the greatest design changes on the newest model of the Excel family. To-date, the Citation XLS+ remains in production through the company’s assembly lines in the USA and China.


Cabin Height

1.70m5ft 7in

Cabin Width

1.68m5ft 6in

Cabin Length

5.67m18ft 7in

Luggage Capacity


Service Ceiling


Maximum Range


Typical Capacity

8 passengers

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